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5 simple steps to leadership listening.

What our Clients Say

Laura Kain, Spa Director

" Colin is great. He is creative and knowledgeable. Anyone who gets the time to spend with Colin would learn a lot and most importantly, would enjoy the time as well…"

Ed Barrett, Call Center Leader

I really enjoyed your presentation, "Creating Fans: better customer service through culture." Thank you as well for taking personal time to speak with me. Just the few topics we discussed made a huge impact on our organization. 

Travis, Automotive

...Professionalism, He connects with people on a personal level. 

How I will help you become a better leader.

Throughout my 25-year career working in hotels, there was one thing that made my long days at the office worth it — helping my team become better. 


In my career, I lead over 150 different managers and thousands of team members. I promoted countless individuals onto their next assignments and prepared them to lead others in the future. 


Helping my team become better was always my passion. 


Now I want to help you. 


I produce a regular series of weekly newsletters designed to take simple leadership topics and make them digestible. I don't just provide you action lists. I encourage you to examine in your leadership style, be vulnerable, and let your personal leadership evolve. 

We address everything from having tough conversations to developing a plan to be the most productive you, personally and professionally. 


In the future, we will be developing personal workshops to discuss whatever is on your mind in a safe and supportive peer environment. 


Join me on this journey to make you the leader you always dreamed of working with one day. 


Join me and let me take you to the Gold Level. 

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