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It's not about you...AT ALL!

August 26, 2018


A common theme I speak about is how your client feels, and that is because that is all that really matters. Excellent customer service starts and ends with how your customers feel about the interaction.


It could be awful news like your car needs a new transmission, or we don’t have that room for you, but if you deliver the message with genuine care and concern customers will appreciate your efforts. Additionally, if you offer up some options to solve the problem, you can turn a bad situation into a positive customer experience. Remember it is about how the customer feels about you! You are there for them, and your impact is how you keep them coming back. 


The story I would like to share with you is about an interaction I witnessed at an airport. 


A fellow traveler came up to the desk and asked about their flight. To me, I quickly understood what was happening. He had missed his plane which had just left from this gate. Having had that happen to me, I immediately felt horrible for him.


But what shocked me was the way the desk agent responded. She stated rather coldly, "That flight has already left. Where have you been?  I called your name out numerous times."


As the conversation continues, I overhear the man mention he had been waiting at the wrong gate, to my surprise the agent replied," Well, why didn't you check the monitors?" At that point, I was beside myself with a mixture of anger at the agent and disappointment for this poor fellow.


The key here is the desk agent had all of the tools necessary to turn this negative situation positive. What if she had responded with just a little empathy? What if she told him not to worry and she would make the arrangements to get him to his destination? What if she had never mentioned any of those accusatory statements? This experience could have been far less emotional for the traveler, and of course, my story would be positive, not negative. 


If you are facing customers day to day, or lead those who do, prepare yourself. Learn to understand how the person across that desk is feeling, and do everything you can to turn that into a positive. Customers will remember you for your efforts and your company for the great customer experience you provided. 



I’m Colin Gold...Helping you raise your customer’s experience to the GOLD LEVEL!




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