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Create more WOW moments for your Guests! Hospitality tip #23

March 1, 2017


I just read a great article written by my sister in law, Dayna Steele, about a great experience she had. She called it a wow moment. Click here for the full story.


Having a passion for customer stories, great experiences and my sister in law,  I thought the story was inspiring.


She was traveling and stopped to get something to eat in the airport. She was looking for a place to charge her phone, but there were no seats near outlets available. The waiter came over, and said, "I see you were looking for a place to charge your phone. Here is a portable charger you can use while you eat."  Dayna was blown away. This was totally unexpected and completely appreciated.


Dayna's story got me thinking, how do you create WOW moments?


Here's the easy answer:


Anticipate your guest's needs and provide the unexpected before the client asks.  


In the story above, the server knew that there are often people in the restaurant looking to charge their phone. He also knew there were never enough outlets. He took it upon himself to anticipate what his guest needed, and he provided it. In this case, you would never expect a server to have a portable charger. That makes it a WOW.


We are the masters of our businesses, and we know what people need in our worlds every day. Now we just need to spend time thinking about it and looking for the unexpected. This part will take a little effort.


It not just as simple as providing pool towels before you ask. It's more like providing you the pool towels, but also remembering where you sat on the pool deck yesterday and having the chairs ready for you when you arrive.


It is about always having a pen available, and giving them out to everyone who may need them. Not a loan, a gift. 


It's not about having ketchup and mayo for your hamburger, but remembering you also wanted malt vinegar with you fries, so every time you order fries the Malt Vinegar comes too.  


It is knowing the scotch I drink and having it for me at the bar when I arrive.


In all of these examples, we anticipated what the client needed and provided more than they expected.


People, on the whole, want to be pleasantly surprised. Particularly by personalized service. By implementing a few wow moments in your processes, you can turn your customers into lifetime clients.


So where do you start?


What are the questions your guests ask you most in you business?


Now provide answers, product, information, whatever the answers might be, but provide them before your customer asks again.


To take it to the next level, you have to add the unexpected:

Have portable chargers, throw rolls across the restaurant (another Dayna Story sign up here), have my scotch waiting for me, know your clients by name, provide them personalized shopping bags, send them their favorite chocolate chip cookies, send them a note, sky write their anniversary, or just provide a warm and genuine smile.


Make their experience thoughtful and memorable.


Then your customers will share their WOW moments with the world, and they will return time and again.


Customers will tell us what we need to provide; we just need to know how to listen.


If you need help starting this process or implementing any of my other hospitality tips, call us. We'll help you raise your customer’s experience to the GOLD LEVEL.  



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