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Just One Kind Gesture

December 11, 2018

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As we move towards the end of the year, we always put stress upon us to get things done during this time. Whether it is stress due to finances, finish projects or even get the perfect gift, it can be overwhelming.


As I was putting together the information to share this week, I came across one item I wanted to expound upon a bit more.


A podcast called the Leadership Happy Hour, by Chip Lutz. His guest on the November 25th episode was Alison Clarke.


Alison and Chip focused on kindness and appreciation.


I want to highlight just one topic from their conversation.


Why is everyone so kind during the holidays and the other 11 months, it all seems to go out the window?


We have all heard of random acts of kindness. If you have ever provided unsolicited kindness to another human, you know just how impactful it can be for both parties.


I often try to bring candy with me for the flight crew on my trips. I feel the flight crews are often overlooked, and I enjoy providing them with an unexpected treat. This act of kindness can also be a bit self-serving as well because I receive joy from seeing them appreciate the gesture.


I have gone through many spurts of ambition where I am providing them all the time. Then it subsides for a while. Why? Laziness? Top of Mind?


Let's change that!


What if...we all provided one kind gesture to someone you encounter every day; the recipient would appreciate the gesture and at least once a day, you would feel great as well.


In the podcast, Alison even talks about how she loves the dollar store because even the smallest gesture has an impact.


Right now we are all filled with holiday joy, but when we move past the holidays, continue to make an effort. Try to provide "an unexpected kindness" to someone every day. At the very least, we will be making the world a better place, one person at a time.


Here are some additional articles I found to help you lead through the holidays.


As always, please let me know what you think. 


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Leadership Links I love!


One for you:

Terra is a friend of mine and she shares some great tips to get motivated to accomplish what you need to do.  Self-Motivation for Successful Leaders


One for your team:

Holiday parties are meant for your team, but how effective are they. Here are some tips to show genuine appreciation. How to Appreciate Employees with a Well-Executed Holiday Party


One for you and your team:

The holidays are tough on everyone. Here are some things to remember. The Dark Side of the Season: How Leaders Can Help Employees Cope With Holiday Stress


One to make you smile:

I wanted to spread joy so I googled the Best Christmas YouTube Video and this came up. Let me know what you think.


Thank you for joining me on this journey. Happy Holidays to all.


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