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Leadership Links March Edition

March 13, 2019


I had the honor of speaking at a conference in Denver last week. Just like every other conference, I received a badge with my name and company. I also got the illustrious speaker flag, which adhered to the bottom of my badge signifying I would be a presenter. 


Over in the corner, they had something exciting, a display of other flags you could choose to personalize your badge. I happened to be on the phone with my brother Stephen, as I was going through the flags and we decided together that I should add, "Glass Half Full."


That is the topic of this weeks leadership links. Glass Half Full Leadership


A Virgin one:

When I found this article, I realized I must be on the right track. From Richard Branson Be a glass half full leader 


One for your team:

There is nothing more "Glass half Full" than looking for solutions. From the Berger Leadership Blog: 7 ways to create a solution-oriented work environment 


One to start your day off right: 

Fill your glass each and every morning by feeling successful. This article was written by my magnificent Sister-in-Law, Dayna Steele. She wrote it 10 years ago and it first appeared in Fast Company. 5 Things To Do Every Day For Success 


One to make an impact:

This is a short read about how every Leader can make an impact. What could yours be: Your glass can be more than half full  


And to close out the newsletter, One for your inner-Disney Leader. This one is saved in my shortcuts for those moments I need some motivation. Always Remember the Titans: 5 Disney Clips That Showcase Leadership Qualities 


Let me know what you think. Are you enjoying my newsletter: Let me know 


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