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Grit and Determination

October 7, 2018


I spent the three days of the holiday weekend watching 13-18-year-old young women compete in the torrential South Florida downpours in a golf tournament my daughter also participated.


What teenager would want to spend their time in the harsh elements, when they could be inside enjoying a movie or watching Netflix? These women did!


I was impressed by the sheer grit and determination it took for these young ladies to compete through all 54 holes of a tournament where the conditions were less than favorable, really, downright nasty!


It got me thinking; What are the things these teenagers all possess that can help us older people, in our lives and careers?


Here are what I think are the top three!


Make the best of your current situation.

In Golf, there are many different ways you may have arrived in your current position. It could have been an errant shot or a poor decision. In either case, your goal is to get out of that spot and improve your position.


I believe this goes for life and your career as well. Regardless of how you got there, focus on what you are going to do now. Improve your position, so you have the future opportunity to score. It may just be a small step forward, but it is getting you closer to the goal.


Practice makes perfect.

The more you work at your craft, the better you will be, you need to get reps. (For any non-sports readers- Reps stands for Repetitions at the task at hand so you can execute comfortably without having to think about it.)


These young ladies have hit more golf balls in the last week of practice than most of us hit in our lives. They are confident in their swings, and they know what they want each shot to do. This confidence is possible because they have taken the time to practice and they get feedback on their practice, so they can continuously improve.


In my career, I think back to my very first experience coaching a team member, wow it was awful.  I was uncomfortable; the team member was uncomfortable, it was light years away from how I might handle the same conversation now. It would be better now because I now have over 25 years of repetitions under my belt.


The more you do something well, the better you will be at it. Make sure you don't forget about getting feedback about your performance during the process. Get your reps in, but also have a conversation with your mentor, and always see how you can continuously improve into the future.


Let it go. (Sing it out loud)

In golf, a bad shot cannot be undone. You must move forward and forget it, or it will affect the rest of your game.


I suggest we do the same thing. Let go of the past items that cannot do anything but hold you back. Evaluate your performance, correct anything, especially if you may have hurt another human being, and then move forward and do not let it hold you back.


As a self-proclaimed "always in my head" kinda guy, I can tell you this is the hardest one to attack. But what I can assure you, is if you learn from your experiences and the let it go, you will be better today, than yesterday. 



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