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Topics to creating

more fans!

Outstanding customer service does not happen by accident. To distinguish your business, you need to turn your current customers into fans. Why? Because fans are loyal, they return, they talk, share, and they post!

In this talk designed for leaders, we discuss the steps needed to take an ordinary customer experience and make it extraordinary and create a fan culture. 


Attendees will leave being able to:

  • Start the process of creating a fan culture in their business. 

  • Lead your team to support and grow this culture long-term.

  • Make fan experiences happen throughout the organization on a regular basis. 

Attendees will leave a "Certified Leader of Fans!"

Designed to inspire and invigorate your team members to make the necessary changes to generate loyalty and create fans of your business.


Using real-life examples, this conversation will assist your team in understanding the feelings behind an exceptional customer experience. In every customer encounter, the key is to make it memorable. As a hospitality standard, we will look at my experience and how we made memorable experiences for every guest. The best memories will come from the personal interactions you create.

Each attendee will leave understanding:

  • What makes a customer experience memorable?

  • The keys to creating these experiences consistently.

  • How to work with team members who do not buy in.

  • The practical benefits of using this practice outside of work. 

When your team brings their passion for what they do to and shares it with your guests, their dedication and passion will elevate your customer's experience. 


All Attendees will leave a "Certified Fan Creator."

Creating great customer experiences comes from within. You have to want to do it. But exceptional hospitality experiences do not happen in a vacuum. Everybody in the organization must be working together. 


Best presented to mixed groups of both leadership and team members; this talk uses the pillars of Hospitality to examine the details that make up a perfect guest experience.  


We will openly discuss hospitality standards and determine opportunities to use these practices to change your customer's experience immediately. 


Each attendee will leave understanding:

  • What they need to bring to work every day to create fan experiences. 

  • How hospitality standards can be applied to your business and improve your customer's loyalty.

  • The steps to implement these practices in your business. From both a team member and leadership point of view.  


Attendees will leave as "Certified Fan Creator Teams."

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